2261 Burkholder Road
Red Lion, PA 17356
Clinic with Brad Rehmeyer

   At each clinic we will be focusing on particular excercises / maneuvers. If you or your horse are having problems with the maneuver, we'll analyze how we can break down the maneuver into an exercise that will be easier for you and your horse to understand. Typically when there are problems in the maneuver there is a lack of communication and/or control of a particular part of the horse (neck, shoulders, rib cage, hindquarters). Once you've fixed the problem part, the maneuver will surely improve.

    DATE                  TIME                              PRIMARY TRAINING
1/17/2010    Starts @ 10:00am           Back-ups,  straight and in circles
1/31/2010    Starts @ 10:00am           Turn arounds, Roll backs
2/14/2010   Starts @ 10:00am           Cancelled due to the snow
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Heated Mezzanine
for Spectators
Clinic are going to be limited to 10 People so please register A.S.A.P
         $45 for Horse & Rider
         $10 for Spectators
Any questions call Brad Rehmeyer
717-578-7809 cell